Systems Integration

Our expertise spans multiple technologies to provide solutions to meet all your technical and business requirements.

For the greatest returns from your technology investments, it’s critical to optimize all system components to work together effectively. This is exactly our approach at Oberon Technologies. We work closely with you to integrate all needed systems to ensure that your content solution is designed and implemented to meet your specific business needs.

Oberon’s approach isn’t tied to a single technology. Our solution knowledge spans multiple content technologies and ensures integration with any impacted business systems. Our experts help you design and integrate a full solution that instead of stopping at a single offering, we integrate a full solution that meets all of your requirements.

High Quality, Low Maintenance

Oberon consultants have the experience, intelligence, and abilities to ensure that your solutions are designed and implemented to meet and exceed expectations. We’re committed to installing high-quality, low-maintenance solutions tailored for your environment.

With unwavering dedication, Oberon consultants remain committed to your projects until you’re completely satisfied.

Systems Architecture

Comprehensive content solutions require an understanding, not only of individual components of the content lifecycle, but also of the interrelationships among the components and other business systems across the organization’s ecosystem.

Oberon’s experts understand the hardware, software, and network components within a system –and they recognize the need to apply governing principles and standards to the design to ensure that it meets your requirements and specifications.

Oberon’s expertise doesn’t stop at a single component. Our experienced solution architects understand all leading content technologies, and we recognize that a complete solution must also integrate with existing business systems including ERP, CRM, LMS, and more.

Oberon’s approach to systems architecture is designed to provide a system that meets your current needs and can be easily built upon for the future.

Request to speak with an expert solution architect

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Application Development

Content solutions aren’t “one size fits all.” Every organization has unique needs, and the solution must be designed to fit the specific environment, processes, and audience needs.

While supporting the latest out-of-the-box software functionality, Oberon experts develop custom configurations, customizations, and enhancements, as needed, to be sure your solution meets your unique requirements.

Oberon’s developers have wide-ranging industry expertise:

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Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Assembler, VB, OmniMark, and others

Microsoft Application Expertise: XP, .NET, back office products, and more

General Application Expertise: Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services, and others

Database Expertise: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and others

Product Expertise: Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Publishing Engine, Arbortext Architect, Arbortext Styler, Arbortext Content Manager, InDesign, QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress Server, Quark Publishing Solution, and others

Standards Expertise: XML, SGML, HTML, DITA, DTD, Schema, XSL-T, XSL-FO, FOSI, DOM, and others

Support Services

To analyze, design, and implement an automated publishing system is specialized work. It requires in-depth knowledge of business systems, hardware, software, and processes.

The Oberon team’s expertise takes into account technologies used across the business ecosystem. We have experience with multiple vendors and standards-based tools so we can ensure you get the most value from your existing and as well as new technology investments.

Our customers rely on our skill and expertise to support them in many technical areas:

Support concept

Business Systems Analysis and Design
Database Design
Business Process Re-Engineering

 Business-to-Business Applications
Client-Server Desktop Apps
Automation Systems
Web Portal Design and Implementation

Software Development
GUI Design and Development
Variable Data Publishing

Proven Development Methodology

Oberon provides the software development services and infrastructure to complete your project at an affordable cost, and with the commitment and quality you’d expect from your own staff.

We bring over 35 years of cumulative product development experience to your needs. Our infrastructure and methodology keep our software development, implementation, and product support at the highest quality level possible. And our proven 10-step product development process helps maximize your investment. We’ll not only deliver an application to meet your needs technically – you’ll also be sure your solution meets your company’s business objectives.

Our realized-value methodology works step by step to deliver optimum results:

process improvement concept with business elements

Determine Business Objectives
Develop Requirements
Develop Use Cases
Document “As-Is” Process

Determine Value Criteria
Architect “To-Be” Process
Implement Solution
Test Solution

Train Client on Solution
Realized Value Assessment
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