Streamline Across the Content Lifecycle

An understanding of the complete content lifecycle gives you the greatest advantage

When addressing your content challenges too often solution providers focus only on the area of the content lifecycle where their tools or services apply without regard for the potentially negative impacts a change in one area will have on other systems or processes.

At Oberon Technologies our consultants and solution architects are experts across the content lifecycle. Our years of experience implementing all of the industry’s leading tools and best practice methodologies enable us to identify the best solution for you, recognize the interdependencies of your environment and maximize value across the entire content lifecycle.   And by refining the lifecycle you get continued opportunities to improve the bottom line and help your company grow.

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Efficiencies established in the authoring environment are the foundation for achieving greater value from content processes in all other areas of the lifecycle. The way you configure your authoring tools and the processes you use can have significant impact on your ability to reuse content, collaborate and automate in other areas of the lifecycle.

Oberon can help you create an authoring environment that:

  • Provides a single-source of content for reuse
  • Enables collaborative authoring and review
  • Leverages auto-generated text for consistency
  • Automates and enforces structure
  • Ensures interoperability and adheres to industry standards

Our experts can perform any level of tool comparison, customization, and integration services.



Using a content management system optimized for your environment will make a dramatic difference in the level of automation, compliance and accuracy possible across all your systems.

Oberon provides the expertise needed to identify and implement a CMS that is best suited to your content requirements and one that is optimally configured to provide the greatest value to your organization. A system that:

  • Provides a structure for content reuse
  • Allows for automated workflow
  • Manages high volume of content
  • Automates the translation process
  • Enables change tracking and version control
  • Offers audit trails and compliance tracking
  • Provides permission management

Content management systems are not one-size-fits-all. Rely on the expertise of Oberon consultants to ensure you are using a cost-effective solution that is best suited to your needs.



Automating the publishing process often provides the greatest opportunity for savings by eliminating a significant number of low value, highly manual tasks. When configured properly the publishing system can produce your target outputs without manual effort in the shortest amount of time.   Additionally, a properly designed system can ensure your style and brand guidelines are consistently applied to every deliverable.

With unparalleled experience implementing automated publishing solutions Oberon consultants are uniquely skilled in all aspects of publishing including the nuances of automating the publishing of both unstructured and structured content.

Start saving up to 95% of your publishing time and effort with a publishing solution that:

  • Eliminates manual formatting tasks
  • Enables multi-channel output to all formats (print, pdf, html, mobile, etc.)
  • Consistently enforces style and controls branding

To realize the full extent of publishing efficiencies it’s critical that your system takes advantage of the intelligence built into your content during the authoring and content management stages of the lifecycle. Let Oberon’s experts show you how to get the most from any publishing solution.



Today’s consumers expect quick and easy access to information from any device. However, for many organization’s online content delivery is an afterthought or a manual posting effort at the end of the print publishing process. If your online content is not optimized for delivery to any device, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and achieve competitive advantage.

The ideal delivery solution should:

  • Provide a dynamic online experience
  • Preserve the content relationships and intelligence of the source
  • Enable faceted search
  • Offer public or permission-based content access
  • Allow consumer defined content views
  • Automate delivery without any IT burden

Trust the experts at Oberon Technologies to guide you to the delivery solutions that will help you exceed consumer expectations.


Refine and Repeat

Key to getting the maximum value across your content lifecycle is continuous refinement. With every improvement or change in one area new opportunities arise for additional improvements or efficiencies in all areas. Knowing what to do to get the most from each element within the content lifecycle comes with years of experience implementing hundreds of solutions.

Rely on the experts at Oberon Technologies help you establish a content lifecycle that ensures repeatable success.