Solutions for Medical Technology Providers

Helping organizations deliver the most accurate regulated product information

Oberon’s life sciences consultants help architect and implement regulated content solutions that optimize all aspects of the content life cycle – making it easier to create, manage, publish, translate and deliver your content in all formats to anywhere in the world.

Featured Solution for eIFU Delivery

Leveraging industry best practices and technology solutions like Titania Delivery for eIFUs, Oberon helps you eliminate many time consuming and costly manual processes related to eIFU delivery. Oberon’s experts can help you:

  • Control global delivery of IFUs in all required languages
  • Easily brand and configure localized portals
  • Provide access from any device
  • Deliver all required versions of IFUs
  • Address all eIFU regulatory requirements
  • Automate online postingĀ of approved IFUs
  • Reduce regulatory risks and overall costs

Ask to speak to an expert and learn how you can improve your IFU processes.